Make your Backend Sexy again!

This article may not be what the title portrays it to be, but let me assure you, it is most definitely important.

Have you looked into your backend lately?  I mean really looked and understand what’s going on with all of that stuff.  What is it all?  Hosting, VPN, Email, Websites, WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Analytics…it’s never ending.  Billions of dollars are spent on IT but many small business owners don’t understand it, and really don’t want to.

Yet, as a small business owner, we know all the things that keep our company running.  They may not necessarily be in front of us every day.  The “backend” of a business is necessary to maintain and grow consistently.

Business owners like yourself, are told every day, you need this (insert some random piece of tech) to run your business or you need that (insert some random app).  If you don’t have these things you won’t succeed, or you’re not up to speed.  All this jargon, all these buzzwords get over whelming, and as a small business owner you have so many other important details to be concerned with, the “backend” of the company is not one of them.

Then it happens!  Looking at your budget one day the question arises, “Where is all this money going for IT”?  You begin to ask your staff, your management, anyone that can help.  But no one seems to know the answers.  You’ve lost control of your backend, it’s ugly.

Take control back, make your backend sexy again (Sorry I had to).

Honestly, I could take days explaining every piece of the puzzle that connects your business from front to back through information technology, the web, and everything in between.  But, we both know you have many other things to do to keep your business growing and profiting.  So what do you do?

Beginning a project to evaluate the information technology structure, value, and climate in business can be daunting, time consuming, and costly if not done effectively.  Interviews, documentation, evaluation, standard and leading practices, comparative analysis, etc.  Who has time?  But money, time, and resources are still being wasted?


At Aldan Global we handle all of your IT from your frontend to your backend.  We can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current IT environment.  We will research your business, assess the technology and business environment, and provide strategic alternatives to accurately address your current and future IT needs.  Here’s how:

  1. We will initiate a project to establish objectives and expectations.
  2. Analyze the current state of IT in the business. Through interviews, benchmarking analysis, and comparing current processes to industry leading processes.
  3. Determine where gaps exist and provide recommendations.
  4. Develop an implementation plan and implement.

Assessing IT within your business can present several challenges, but it is well worth the effort when it has the appropriate processes and measures in place.  Allowing Aldan Global to give an independent point of view, along with leveraging of our previous experiences, will help overcome many of the challenges your business experiences with IT, improve your bottom line, and most important the morale in the business.  Isn’t it time to bring sexy back to your information technology.


Aldan Global provides:

  • Strategic IT Management
  • IT Project Support
  • Managed Services
  • IT Consulting

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